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Based out of Brooklyn, New York, Laos in Harmony is a Christian group looking to leave a mark in the gospel music industry.

The group, led by musical director Chelton Thorpe, a singer and songwriter with a rich, musical lineage. He was brought up around music from an early age, with every member of his family being involved with either singing or playing an instrument. Naturally, this led to Chelton’s desire to become a composer, a field in which he has garnered significant success over his career.

Each member of the group was cherry-picked from various Seventh-day Adventist churches, within the General Conference of Seventh-day Adventists. They are all called to minister the needs of God’s people, and the talents and gifts that God has bestowed upon them are reflected in their lifestyles as ambassadors for Christ.

They have dedicated their lives to saving souls vicariously through their talents. Collectively, they state: “We are a youth group dedicated to promoting Christian behavior and lifestyle.  Our spiritual endeavor is to draw others to Christ through our Ministry.  Daily we strive for spiritual growth and guidance, with an insatiable desire to allow Jesus into our lives”.

‘Laos’, being the Greek word for ‘people’, is symbolic of their mission – to bring people together through the healing power of music. Thus, ‘Laos in Harmony’ was born.

Back in January 24, 2012, Laos in Harmony released their highly-anticipated first single, ‘The Introduction’. Incidentally, it served as their gateway to the world, and quickly caught the attention of the music industry.

Its seminal success paved the way forward for the group. Not only was it inspirational, but it also encouraged all its listeners to preach the good word of Jesus Christ, spreading his love and positivity across the globe. As an integral part of their lifelong mission, their music serves as a reminder to those who need to be re-introduced to the Lord.

Laos In Harmony aren’t just limited to their musical prowess. Bound by only by their imagination, they have found many other ways of touching the hearts of people. They have also been involved in a number of outreach programs including singles events, fashion shows, musicals and even a train ministry where they sang and prayed for the NYC commuters in the hustle-and-bustle.

Laos In Harmony are no newcomers to the Gospel scene, and still have lots more to preach. They encourage you, and everyone, to join them on their journey of overcoming struggles through the healing power of music.

The Introduction // Laos In Harmony - Pass the Test
  1. The Introduction // Laos In Harmony - Pass the Test
  2. Devil Can’t Have My Praise // Laos In Harmony - Pass the Test
  3. Sinner Like Me // Laos In Harmony - Pass the Test
  4. Be Still // Laos In Harmony - Pass the Test
  5. The Pursuit of Salvation // Laos In Harmony - Pass the Test